"TURN KEY" Type 2/4 SVDA-modified Rebuilt/Re-bushed Carb Kit

Each kit contains:

- Two completely rebuilt carburetors with quality rebuild kits MADE IN USA. 

- Re-bushed throttle bodies, better than new from the factory, using German-made PTFE teflon-coated bronze bushings that are 10mm deep that should last FIVE times as long as the stock ones.

- New Type 4 linkage.

- New Type 4 aluminum intake manifolds

- SVDA vacuum ported carb body and throttle body. 

- Pre-adjusted and correctly shimmed accelerator pumps. 
- Modified accelerator pump discharge nozzles 
- Pre-jetted and set up for 1700, 1800, or 2000cc (custom jetting available for larger engines... see below) 
- 30mm or 32mm venturis to match your engine size 
- Nice thick new fiber intake gaskets, great for port work! 
- New MADE IN USA stainless steel high quality hose clamps. 
- New MADE IN USA fuel hose. 
- New MADE IN USA balance hose. 
- New brass fuel tee. 
- New carburetor mounting studs and nuts (with steel manifold option). 
- New chrome top air cleaner lids and metal base assemblies. 
- New pre-oiled and pre-greased gauze filter elements. 
- New rubber seals for air cleaner securing wingnuts, along with new cork base gaskets. 
- A set of Kaddie Shack detailed instructions (with photos!) as to how to install, tune, synch, and get your carbs working better than new! 

- Online tech service to help you get your Kaddies up and running smoothly and quickly!

Please contact Jeff at jefflain@kaddieshack.com for help to configure a kit to your specific needs until our help pages are published on the website.  Also, you may be able to poke around through the various options on the site here to help you decide.

NOTE: Each carburetor kit is completely customized and rigorously built to suit YOUR EXACT NEEDS. We'll even email you a photo of your particular carburetor disassembled, cleaned, and ready to be put back together so you can see the quality of the insides of your carbs, as well as the outsides.  We stand behind our work and give a full 90 day warranty against defects in workmanship or materials, and will provide top-notch tech service to back up our products.  

See the un-biased feedback and opinions that our customers have left for us here:


ONE LAST NOTE:  Since these are custom-built for each particular application, build time can vary, depending on time of year and how many orders we have in process. Generally we shoot for 2-3 weeks.  Sometimes, during our busier time of year, it can be between 4 and 5 weeks.  Please call or email for current lead time.

"TURN KEY" Type 2/4 SVDA-modified Rebuilt/Re-bushed Carb Kit
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