Super Duty Bus Axles into IRS Bug Kit For Type 1 Trans

This kit converts your Type 1 IRS rear drive axle to the larger and much stronger Bus components, as used in the '73 and '74 VW Thing.  This kit is commonly used in street or strip cars with high output motors and off-road cars that take a beating!  All components simply bolt right in to complete your conversion.  We have used and tested this same kit in our own drag cars and off road cars and never had a single failure. CV joints are factory rated for 17 degrees of travel, but we have successfully run them up to 22 degrees!  All components are included to complete the conversion:

(2) Forged 100mm stub axles

(2) Forged 100mm Type 1 trans drive flanges

(2) Axles complete with 100mm CV's, axle boots, axle shafts, retainer clips... even the Moly CV grease!

(24) Hardened aircraft quality CV bolts

(12) 100mm torque distribution washers

 This kit only works with Type 1 transmissions.  If you have a 002 or 091 bus box, you'll need to order the IRS-2 kit. As with any forged axle component, we recommend using a torque wrench to properly torque all fasteners.  Do not use a pneumatic impact, cheater bar, or axle nut beater tool!

Super Duty Bus Axles into IRS Bug Kit For Type 1 Trans
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