SAVE-A-BUG Hot Oil Temp Sensor - Type 1 Engines

This is a slick device.  EVERYONE should have one if they are not running gauges.  It could save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs.  It simply replaces your dipstick and the little wire plugs into your stock oil pressure switch right next to it.  It's not even a five minute job.  If you can check your oil, you can install this item.  In the event that your oil starts getting too hot, the oil light on your dash will start to flicker.  This lets you know you need to start slowing down, or think about what might be causing an overheating issue.  If it flickering light turns to red, you should pull over immediately, indicating your oil is too hot, and damage will be done to your engine.


SAVE-A-BUG Hot Oil Temp Sensor - Type 1 Engines
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