Return Spring and Tab Kit for Kadrons, Type 1 & 4

Here's a really neat option that will eliminate the big "garage door" return spring for the carbs on some linkages.  These return spring tabs mount on the same shaft as the linkage levers, and allow you to run the return spring up to the screw that holds the lid onto the carburetor for equal tension on both sides.  This will work with the stock "Kadron" style linkage on Type 1's, as well as the linkage for Type 4's, which are notorious for not having a good place to mount the return spring to.  These are the same springs and tabs that we use on our USA heim joint linkage.  They are also required by most racing classes where seperate return springs are needed on each carb. Sold as a kit: two springs, and two tabs.  

NOTE: Depending on vintage of carb, you may have to file a little bit off one side in order to clear the locating pin in the idle speed cam.

Return Spring and Tab Kit for Kadrons, Type 1 & 4
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