Porsche/Chev Wilwood Brakes, BJ Zero Offset, 4 Pistons, 2-1/2"

If you want the very top-of-the line disc brake kit for your '66 & Later Bug or Ghia, this is the one.  It features 4-piston Wilwood disc brake calipers and Wilwood disc brake pads for superior stopping power.  The drilled and slotted rotors offer superior cooling for the most demanding of applications.  Quality SKF wheel bearings and Elring seals are included, as well as DOT approved MADE IN USA stainless brake lines.  The 2-1/2" drop spindles are FORGED for superior strength, and are ZERO OFFSET.  This means that they will not kick your wheels out at all.  Your front track will remain stock width.  The bolt pattern is double-drilled for both Porsche 5 x 130mm and Chevy 5 x 4.75", so you have a very wide choice of wheels that can be used.

Kit includes rotors, calipers, drop spindles, wheel bearings, seals, dust caps, mounting hardware and brake lines. We recommend using a press to install the wheel bearings in the rotors.  If you do not have access to a press, we can install them before we ship.

Porsche/Chev Wilwood Brakes, BJ Zero Offset, 4 Pistons, 2-1/2"
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