Pertronix SVDA Ignitor 1 Distributor

We have tried them all. We have sold hundreds of original Bosch 034's, and imported all aftermarket ones and used them on our own personal cars. The Bosch ones were of pretty good quality, but we found the Mexican distributors had more failures/defects than our best quality aftermarket ones. Besides that, they came with points, so maintenance was ongoing. When upgrading to electronic ignition, we found that the Bosch distributors were manufactured with such varying tolerances on the shaft, that electronic ignition upgrades for them were not always easy. 

So we decided to try other imported distributors, in hopes that we could find a good quality unit that was reasonably priced. We found one that we really had great luck with for awhile. It had a great advance curve, was super responsive with the vacuum unit, and it worked well. We had ZERO comebacks with that unit, but it is no longer being imported. We just can't get it anymore. 

In the meantime we'd been using Pertronix as our high-end unit. It already came factory-equipped with electronic ignition. No need to gap points ever again! No need to adjust timing and dwell every 3000 miles. We had great luck with them, and found they really improved mileage, performance, and drivability for stock engines with 34PICT carbs, and on our Kaddie Shack carbed motors. We found them to be a super easy upgrade and very reliable. Because of this, we decided to purchase a HUGE inventory of them at a really good rate, and pass the savings on to our customers. 

Don't be fooled by cheap Chinese distributors. From our own personal testing and use, Pertronix distributors offer the very best advance curve, reliability, and warranty of any other 034 SVDA distributor currently manufactured. 

It carries a 30-month electronic warranty and a 12-month mechanical warranty. 

Electronic ignition systems require the use of a coil that is 3 ohms.  Many coils measure 3 ohms, but if in doubt, measure between the + and - terminals of your coil with an ohmmeter to be sure yours is compatible.  Most are.  If you really want the utmost in performance, upgrade your entire ignition system with our Pertronix epoxy-filled coil and Pertronix spark plug wres... both top quality items and MADE IN USA!


Pertronix SVDA Ignitor 1 Distributor
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