PREMIUM 1-5/8" Raw Steel Sidewinder Style Exhaust

This top quality raw Sidewinder style exhaust system is excellent.  If offers outstanding ground clearance, a deep throaty sound, and the tubing is the perfect size for larger displacement engines, 2000cc's and larger. The precision mandrel-bent tubing twists and tucks up neatly under the apron of Bugs, Ghias, and Things.  It will also fit '67 and earlier buses, but some modification of the rear apron is required for the early bus.  Comes with muffler, header, hanger, and all gaskets to install.  It comes painted with black paint for protection during shipping. It is recommended to strip that paint off, and paint it with a high-quality heat resistant paint such as VHT, which is available at most local hardware or auto parts stores for best looks and protection from the elements.  It can also be ceramic-coated for maximum protection.  Cannot be used with heater boxes.

PREMIUM 1-5/8" Raw Steel Sidewinder Style Exhaust
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