Off-Road 10.5" Travel Kit for Stock IRS Rear Suspension

Did you know you can get up to 10.5" of travel from the STOCK rear suspension in your IRS Bug?  This kit comes with all necesary components for the upgrade, and works great! It works with your stock trailing arms, upper/lower shock mounts, and stock Type 1 IRS Trans.  No welding is required.  The 100mm CV joints are rated to give up to 17 degrees of articulation, but we have tested them successfully to operate to 22 degrees in our own personal vehicles.  

Kit Includes:

(2) Forged 100mm stub axles

(2) Forged 100mm Type 1 trans drive flanges

(2) Axles complete with 100mm CV's, axle boots, axle shafts, retainer clips... even the Moly CV grease!

(24) Hardened aircraft quality CV bolts

(12) 100mm torque distribution washers

(2) KYB extended length shocks valved correctly for this conversion

Some notching of the spring plates for additional travel is needed, as well as removal of the factory suspension stopper.  This is not a difficult installation.

Off-Road 10.5" Travel Kit for Stock IRS Rear Suspension
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