New Chrome Kadron Air Cleaner Assemblies

These are the standard air cleaners, and come with washable gauze elements, metal bases, chrome lids, new mounting hardware, and cork gaskets. We also supply ou kits with EPDM rubber seals that help the filter nut seal better than stock, and prevent it from comin loose.  They come without any provision for plumbing a breather hose from your stock oil breather, but we can add an optional fitting in the passenger's side base.  

For improved performance and horsepower, add our Hi-Flo kit, as described in our article here:

For off-road applications, be sure to order our off-road upgrade, which comsists of our Hi-Flo kit with a welded float bowl vent attached.  It's bullet proof and will prevent flooding when the going gets rough!


Comes complete with all necessary hardware and gaskets.


New Chrome Kadron Air Cleaner Assemblies
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