MADE IN USA 1-5/8" Ceramic Merged Header

We recommend this large diameter USA-made header for mainly larger displacement engines, and smaller displacement ones that have larger camshafts, ported cylinder heads, and larger carburetor sets.  For a milder engine from 1968cc's and smaller, we'd recommend our 1-1/2" header in most instances.  For 1914cc and larger with bigger carbs (44mm), ported heads, dual springs, and a camshaft with 290 degrees duration or more, this is a great exhaust.  For mild to medium engines above 2100cc's this would be a great choice, as well.

This header is made in the USA, and has extra thick flanges, great welds that do not hinder the flow, and is a true merged system that creates the proper scavenging effect to maximize horsepower.  Installation is a breeze, as the header fits very well to the engine.  It's also ceramic-coated for longest life, and will provide years of trouble-free service.

MADE IN USA 1-5/8"  Ceramic Merged Header
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