MADE IN USA 1-1/2" Ceramic Merged Header

One mistake new engine builders often make, is to install too large of a header on their small or medium displacement engines.  This causes flat spots, poor low-end torque, and just plain poor drivability issues. This 1.5" merged header solves that.  We recommend this header for peformance applications ranging from 1600cc's up to about 2000cc's.  In some cases, where low end torque is needed, a small cam is used, and not much porting works has been done to the heads, we'd even recommend it in larger displcaement engines. We've run this same header on our own cars, having great results at the track and on the dyno, generating up to 130HP and full bodied street cars getting into the 13-second mark on the 1/4 mile.

This header is made in the USA, and has extra thick flanges, great welds that do not hinder the flow, and is a true merged system that creates the proper scavenging effect to maximize horsepower.  Installation is a breeze, as the header fits very well to the engine.  It's also ceramic-coated for longest life, and will provide years of trouble-free service.

MADE IN USA 1-1/2"  Ceramic Merged Header
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