Kadron Steel Dual Port Intake Manifolds, Restored

These original steel dual port intake manifolds have been meticulously selected from dozens of cores we've collected.  We have checked them to be sure they won't leak, and have completely media blasted them down to bare metal.  Once blasted, they are coated with our exclusive high temperature resistant textured matte black powder coating.  These are as close to NOS manifolds as you will find.  The balance tubes have been cut cut down on sets that were originally equipped with one-piece manifolds. The steel manifolds are for vintage look only, and should not be considered a performance build.  NOTE: They do not always sit perfectly level when installed.  They never did from the factory.  For a better fit, the ability to match-port, more consistent performance in cold weather, and any high performance application, use new aluminum intakes.

We also offer our installation kit as an option, which includes carb base gaskets, intake gaskets, our steel manifold studs and nuts kit (even better than the original factory ones!), 30" of matching flexible balance tube, and a pair of balance tube hose clamps.

Kadron Steel Dual Port Intake Manifolds, Restored
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