Kadron Solex H40/44EIS Emulsion Tube and Air Correction Jet Assy

The emulsion tube and air correction jet on Solex H40/44EIS carburetors is a one piece unit. It is not a serviceable part, per the manufacturer.  We see a great many failures of this part, which would normally necessitate replacement of the entire carburetor.  Common failures include owners (or mechanics) trying to drill out the jet in the end, splitting of the tube, the end plug coming out, or the air jet separating from the emulsion tube portion.  Another common failure is for the tube to become corroded or the holes in it to become plugged.  Any of these failures will result in sudden death of the carburetor, and some failures will lead to engine fire.

Fortunately these jets can be removed and serviced if done so very carefully.  We have a special tool that we use in house to remove them, but it can also be done by carefully threading an appropriate sized drywall screw into the carb (with the tipe removed) and using a slide hammer to pull it.  This tube should be removed, cleaned, inspected, and tested during any rebuild.  It should be pressed back in and peened over afterword to prevent it from becoming dislodged.

This part is a used or reconditioned replacement for this tube in the event one is needed.  It will be the correct size and has been tested and may have been repaired, soldered, etc.  It will be in good useable service and prevent you from having to throw away a carburetor to replace it.  Consequently, we are the only vendor who stocks these (to our knowledge), and we have had to dismember a carburetor to remove it so you won't have to.

Kadron Solex H40/44EIS Emulsion Tube and Air Correction Jet Assy
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