Kaddie Shack Kadron SVDA-modified Rebuilt/Re-bushed Carb Kit

Each kit contains:

- Two completely rebuilt carburetors with quality rebuild kits MADE IN USA. 

- Re-bushed throttle bodies, better than new from the factory, using German-made PTFE teflon-coated bronze bushings that are 10mm deep that should last FIVE times as long as the stock ones.

- Your choice of dual-cam, heim-equipped, MADE IN USA linkage with pre-modified throttle body levers already installed... or stock new EMPI (Kadron style) stock linkage. 
- Properly modified internally to be used with either mechanical advance, or SVDA (vacuum/mechanical) advance distributors/
- Pre-adjusted and correctly shimmed accelerator pumps. 
- Modified accelerator pump discharge nozzles 
- Pre-jetted and set up for 1600 with stock (pea-shooter) exhaust at seal level, additional jetting options are available for larger engine combinations, single-port, or specific racing applications
- Wet-tested and rigorously checked for over 80 different operations
- 28mm venturis, or optional other sizes for larger applications

- Refurbished steel dual port manifolds come standard. Aluminum manifolds also available for cold weather, better fit, adn match-porting,  and single-port manifolds are available, too.
- Nice thick new fiber intake gaskets, great for port work! 
- New MADE IN USA stainless steel high quality hose clamps. 
- New MADE IN USA fuel hose. 
- New MADE IN USA balance hose. 
- New brass fuel tee. 
- New carburetor mounting studs and nuts (with steel manifold option). 
- New chrome top air cleaner lids and metal base assemblies, or optional "Old School" or "Conical" styles.
- New gauze filter elements. 
- New rubber seals for air cleaner securing wingnuts, along with new cork base gaskets. 
- A set of Kaddie Shack detailed instructions (with photos!) as to how to install, tune, synch, and get your carbs working better than new! 

- Online tech service to help you get your Kaddies up and running smoothly and quickly!

Please contact us at jefflain@kaddieshack.com or 714-752-3766 for help to configure a kit to your specific needs.  Also, you may be able to poke around through the various options on the site here to help you decide.

NOTE: Each carburetor kit is completely customized and rigorously built to suit YOUR EXACT NEEDS. See our write-up in HotVW's Magazine's July, 2011 issue, or our own detailed instructions on our website:


We stand behind our work and give a full 90 day warranty against defects in workmanship or materials, and will provide top-notch tech service to back up our products.  

ONE LAST NOTE:  Since these are custom-built for each particular application, build time can vary.  We do our very best to get them out within 2-3 weeks. 

Kaddie Shack Kadron SVDA-modified Rebuilt/Re-bushed Carb Kit
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