KSR Dual Quiet Pack Mufflers f/ Merged Headers, Made in USA, Raw

Dual Quiet Packs are the preferred muffler system for many "Old School" engine builders.  Running two mufflers can have a distinct advantage over running just one.  Obviously, two mufflers can breathe twice as much as one, providing better power throughout the entire power band.  Quiet packs are also significantly quieter than many other performance mufflers, which won't annoy your neighbors.  When putting around at partial throttle, they sound pretty mellow, having a gentle, warm tone.  At full throttle, they give off a nice pleasant growl, letting everybody know there's something serious under the deck lid.  Since they are meant to be used with our KSR Merged Headers, they are not recommended for vehicles that have been lowered more than about 2" in the rear, as they'll tend to drag going out steeper driveways.  For stock height cars, they have plenty of clearsnce.  Being made of steel, they can be run raw, but will last much longer when painted with a quality heat-activiated and heat-resistant paint, such as VHT (sliver shown in the muffler photo above) before installation.  This makes them much easier to touch up or repaint as needed as time goes on, too.  Come with the neccessary gaskets, support clamps, and hardware to complete the installation.

KSR Dual Quiet Pack Mufflers f/ Merged Headers, Made in USA, Raw
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