KSR 1-1/2" True Merged Headers, Made in USA, Raw Steel

If you're looking for a true QUALITY merged header system, this one is hard to beat.  The equal length tubing from all cylinders guarantees proper exhaust scavenging and maximum torque and horsepower from your performance engine. They are available in two sizes: 1-1/2" and 1-5/8". We generally recommend the 1-1/2" for performance engines with dual carbs up to about 2110cc's, and the larger 1-5/8" systems for 2110cc's and larger.  These come in thick guage raw steel with extra thick flanges that will not warp at the head.  They will last for years and years if properly prepped.  We recommend painting them with a high quality header paint, such as VHT to prevent rust and to have the ability to touch them up as needed year after year (one painted in the silver color is pictured).  Also recommended is using a high temp heat activated sealant between the slip flanges to prevent them from moving as the heat expands and contracts.  Our 8mm/10mm 6-point hardened nuts make it breeze to torque them proerly to the heads.  Fits Bugs, Ghias, Things, and Buses to 1971.  They have good ground clearance but are not recommended for vehicles that have been lowered more than about 2" in the rear.  Fits like a glove.  Use only matching KSR mufflers designed for merged headers such as our Fat Boy or Dual Quiet Pack.

KSR 1-1/2" True Merged Headers, Made in USA, Raw Steel
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