KS-1000 40mm x 35.5 Performance Cylinder Heads, CC'd, pair

Kaddie Shack KS-1000 Performance Cylinder Heads will provide better horsepower than stock, cool superbly, while incorporating many High Tech features.  Heach cylinder head is custom-machined to your exact engine specifications.  Available in stock bore size, as well as larger ones.  Each pair of heads cc'd to match your exact needs at no extra charge, plus or minus one cc.  Available with single hi-rev or dual springs.  


- 40mm x 35.5mm stainless steel valves
- 12mm x 3/4" spark plug holes for improved strength and reliability
- Larger than stock intake ports
- Reshaped combustion chambers for improved flow
- Superb cooling fin design for maximum cooling, extra row of cooling fins
- Block style chambers for extra strength, fly-cutting, and chamber work
- Super-thick valve guide bosses
- Giant intake chamber casting for performance porting
- No "step" in chambers for improved quench
- Chromoly retainers, hardened keepers, and rocker studs
- "No leak" rocker bosses - no oil seal needed behind rocker shaft!
- Extra large flange pushrod tube mating area for leak-free tubes
- Hi-rev single springs, good to 5500 RPM's, dual springs optional
- Hand-lapped valves and seats 


We will custom fly-cut these heads to meet your exact chamber cc needs at  no extra charge!

These heads were designed by the best head porters in the business to be the basis for great street performance head work.  They'll work terrific as-is, straight out of the box. Dollar-for-dollar, these heads are the best on the market! Compare to other manufacturer's heads for the same price or more.  You'll see the difference when installed on your performance engine!

Sold in matched pairs

KS-1000 40mm x 35.5  Performance Cylinder Heads, CC'd, pair
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