HI-FLO™ Off-Road Rough Terrain & HP Enhancement Kit for Kadrons

This Off-Road Terrain kit is like our standard Hi-Flo kit, but is designed for abuse! Dyno and dirt tested:  This kit is a winner.  It will improve horsepower and help eliminate float bowl overflow.  During fast take-offs, hard cornering, bouncing around in the rough stuff, hill climbing, slaloming, or power sliding, this kit will prevent your carburetors from flooding due to an overflowing float bowl spilling into your carburetor throat.  The welded float bowl extension tube move thes vent for the float bowl up and out of the carb throat, while removing the airflow restriction caused by the crossmember for the air cleaner mount. This results in better breathing, increased horsepower, and better fuel control in rough terrain.  There are no goofy holes to drill in your air cleaner lids.  No silly zip ties, either.  This kit is built for abuse.  Two models are available:  One to fit our standard late model air cleaners, and one to fit the original stock air cleaner perforated cans, which are slightly shorter.  Kits will not fit the conical, pod, or low-profile style filters.  These kits also come with EPDM rubber wing nut seals to prevent the wing nuts from coming loose, and ensure a positive air cleaner seal. 

Carburetor main top and air cleaner base shown for demonstration only.  

MADE IN USA at the Kaddie Shack.

One kit does both carburetors.

HI-FLO™ Off-Road Rough Terrain & HP Enhancement Kit for Kadrons
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