GERMAN Rebuilt King/Link Pin Type 1 Spindles

Tired of shimmies, shakes, and poor handling in your '65 and earlier bug?  Need an easy fix without having to take your spindles to a machine shop to have new link pin bushings and king pin bushings pressed in and reamed?  We have the answer!  We use only quality GERMAN king pin and link pin kits when we re-bush your spindles.  These are "Turn-Key", just like our carb kits... BOLT and GO!!!  Send us your old ones when you're done so we can help the next guy with his set-up, too!

They come with all necessary shims, seals, and seal carriers, as well.    

We can even equip them with 2-1/2" dropped spindles at the same time if you'd like!

$100 refundable core charge applies


GERMAN Rebuilt King/Link Pin Type 1 Spindles
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