Engle W-120 Performance Camshaft

For over 50 years, Engle has been providing quality camshafts for air-cooled VW applications, made right here in the USA.  Whether you're looking for an all-out race application, or just to improve the performance of your street cruiser, Engle has a match.

The W120 camshaft is considered by many to be the best "Hot Street" camshaft.  It will provide power up to about 6000 RPM's and requires dual carbs to run at its best.  It works well for many different engine configurations for those who want a LOT more zip from their ride.  Dual valve springs are required.  Can also be used with either 1.1:1 (stock) or 1.25:1 ratio rockers if additional valve lift is needed. 

Camshaft specs below:

Engle W-120 Performance Camshaft
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