Elgin Remedy ZDDP (zinc phosphate) VW Oil Additive - 5-Pack

Highly recommended by Norris Cams and other camshaft manufacturers and professional high-performance VW Engine Builders:  Air-cooled VW engines are of an old flat tappet camshaft design, unlike modern engines.  This older design requires using engine oils with high ZDDP (a zinc phosphate compound) content, especially to protect the camshaft and lifters.  Years ago, it was found that ZDDP causes premature failure in modern catalytic converters, so it was reduced significantly in modern engine oils due to smog requirements of the newer cars.  Nowadays, we need to add the ZDDP back into the oil for your older car, or use a racing oil such as the ones we carry here in the store that have the necessary zinc content.  This additive will work great if you chose to use a modern oil. 

Although this is a small 4 oz bottle, it goes a long way.  We generally recommend using half bottle per oil change for stock engines and a whole bottle per oil change for full-flowed performance engines with an oil sump.

Save on bulk and buy a 5-pack.  Enough to do 10 oil changes on a standard VW engine, and 5 on a performance one with a 5-6 quart capacity!

Elgin Remedy ZDDP (zinc phosphate) VW Oil Additive - 5-Pack
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