EMPI Performance 40mm x 35.5mm Big Valve Cylinder Head, each

High performance engines need better breathing to produce more power.  These big valve heads have larger than stock 40mm stainless intake valves and 35.5mm stainless exhaust valves to help improve airflow in and out of the engine.  They feature a smaller than stock 12mm "peanut" type spark plug that is also longer then stock, measuring 3/4" deep.  This greatly reduces the chance of stripping the spark plug in the head, as well as cracking between the spark plug and the valve seat, both of which are very common problems with stock VW heads.  The heads come complete and assembled with chromoly retainers, hardened keepers, stainless valves, intake/exhaust studs, and your choice of single springs or hi-rev duals. They are available in stock 85.5mm bore, as well as 90.5/92mm and 94mm to fit any engine you're building or upgrading. They have 53cc combustion chambers and also come with the cooling deflector tin installed on the bottom side, which is not common for an aftermarket head. Available with a standard valve job, or a performance valve job for even better flow.

If you're looking for a high quality off-the-shelf performance cylinder head that will provide a bit better power, yet remain affordable, these are an excellent choice.

EMPI Performance 40mm x 35.5mm Big Valve Cylinder Head, each
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