EMPI "NEW CASTINGS" Performance Cylinder Head



Brand new castings, built especially for performance applications! 

- Special aluminum alloy for strength and durability 
- Permanent mold casting 
- 12mm 3/4" reach spark plugs 
- Bronze valve guides 
- 40mm x 35.5mm valve seats 
- Increased port wall thickness for porting 
- Exhaust air passages clear for proper cooling 
- Weldable for custom work 
- Rocker, exhaust, and intake studs included 
- When ordered complete, come complete with stainless intake and exhaust valves 
- When ordered complete, come with single hi-rev or dual hi-rev springs 
- When ordered complete, come with chromoly retainers and hardened keepers 
- When ordered with competition valve job, valve job done by Fred Simpson/Performance Technology 

The base price is for "bare heads" without valves, springs, keepers, etc., and ready for custom porting.  Be sure to order the "complete head" option if you need the completely assembled head, ready to bolt on and go!  The heads with the competition valve job come in various sizes already assembled, and bored out for various different piston and cylinder configurations.  

EMPI "NEW CASTINGS" Performance Cylinder Head
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