EMPI GTV-2 Performance Cylinder Head w/ Performance Valve Job

EMPI GTV-2 Performance Racing Cylinder Heads are an awesome value for the price.  The quality and design of this head is unparalleled.  This head casting was designed from the ground up by some of the top VW racing engine builders in the industry to meet the varying demands of everyone: from the most serious of hardcore racers, to those street cruisers that want a little more pep from their motor.  Features include:

- 20% larger intake and exhust ports.
- Super beefy castings allow for extensive porting without ever needing to weld.
- Super thick combustion chambers allow for deep fly cutting.
- 12mm 3/4" reach spark plug holes for excellent strength and resistance to cracking/stripping.
- Performance valve job for increased flow and longevity.
- Available in all popular bore sizes.
- Stainless steel intake and exhaust valves.
- Available with Hi-Rev single or dual valve springs.
- Chromoly retainers.
- Hardened keepers, rocker, exhaust, and intake studs.
- Redesigned combustion chambers unshroud the valves, allowing far superior flow.
- 58cc combustion chambers.
- Redesigned cooling fins for excellent heat dissipation. 

Whether you're racing or cruising, these heads are a great bang for the buck.

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Tech Tip:  Be sure to use lash caps when installing heads with stainless steel valves to prevent mushrooming of the end of the valve at high RPM's and heavy spring pressures.

EMPI GTV-2 Performance Cylinder Head w/ Performance Valve Job
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