EMPI Dual Quiet Pack 1-3/8" Exhaust System

Dual quiet pack systems are an "Old School" way to give great power and looks to your Bug.  This system comes with 1-3/8" headers, and will work great for small enginges (1600cc to 1914cc).  The 1-3/8" header promotes good power at the low end of the powerband, and the dual mufflers will help extend that out to about 5500 RPM's.  

The sound it produces is a deep, mellow kind of sound, quite a bit softer than a Phat Boy or similar system.  It is not a "loud" system, so your neighbors won't get annoyed, and you'll be able to carry on a conversation with your passenger.

Comes with paper exhaust gaskets.  We recommend metal woven or copper for long lasting results.  Don't forget to order new muffler clamps or an installation kit with clamps. This system will work with heater boxes or j-tubes.

EMPI Dual Quiet Pack 1-3/8" Exhaust System
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