DELUXE Kadron Solex H40/44EIS Carburetor Rebuild Kit

This is the kit we use in the shop to rebuild your Kadron carbs.  It is the ONLY kit on the market that comes with all of the parts necessary to rebuild and restore your carbs:

- Float Bowl Gasket
- Needle and seat
- Two needle and seat shims
- Fuel filter plug seal
- Accelerator pump diaphragm
- Secondary check valve ball (often missing or gets lost!)
- Air cleaner base gasket
- Throttle body gaskets (2)
- Intake manifold mounting gasket
- Stainless steel bowl screws and lock washers
- Stainless steel pump cover screws and lock washers
- Accelerator pump travel measuring tool 

Buy your carb kits from the Kaddie Shack and get free technical help and advice during your rebuild! One kit does one carb.

Don't forget to check your throttle bodies for looseness while rebuilding your carbs!

DELUXE Kadron Solex H40/44EIS Carburetor Rebuild Kit
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  • Item #: DLX-40/44
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