DELUXE BJ Porsche/Chevy Disc Brake Kit with Drop Spindles

The DELUXE disc brake kits are similar to our standard disc brake kits, only better.  They feature rotors that have been left and right directionally drilled and slotted, as well as zinc plated.  They also feature premium pads to provide increased friction and stopping power, as well as lower dust production. Dust caps are included.

This disc brake is an awesome upgrade to any VW. The stopping power and reliability is unbeatable, and it will drop your front end 2-1/2" so you can get those cool wheels inside your wheelwells. This kit will allow you to convett to Porsche 5x130mm wheels or Chevy 5x4.75" and allow full wheel travel for maximum ride quality when lowering your front end for the absolute best ride quality. Double drilled for both wheel patterns.  Fits '66 and later Type 1 with ball joint front end.  We recommend using a press to install wheel bearings in rotors.  We can provide that service, if needed.

DELUXE BJ Porsche/Chevy Disc Brake Kit with Drop Spindles
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