Custom Jetting for Kadron Solex H40/44EIS Carburetors

We can supply you with the exact size jets you need to match your engine, altitude, and driving habits!  We have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours testing and perfecting our Kadron jetting to make sure you get the correct size you need on the very first time.  We have meticulously tested them on our dyno with various engine combinations, on the street, and at the track.  Each is hand-cut and checked for accuracy by us at the Kaddie Shack.  

We're sorry, but we do not give out our jetting numbers or specs.  We've just plain worked too hard to develop our technology, and we guarantee them to be correct.

Please fill out your exact engine requirements so we can fill your order properly.  

One jetting set covers both carburetors.  Check our jetting and venturi "How-To" video here:


Custom Jetting for Kadron Solex H40/44EIS Carburetors
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