Complete Wiring Harness, '71 Convertible & Super Beetle

Is it time for a complete brand new wiring harness?  Probably! Most harnesses we see in these cars have been in for decades, have been spliced and cut up numerous times, and are brittle and frail.  Our wiring harnesses are exact reproductions of the original German looms.  The wiring is color coded excactly the same as the original, so you can follow the original wiring diagrams.  Looms also come with a complete set of easy-to-follow instructions.

Complete harnesses include all wiring in the car: Main harness, front harness, misc harnesses, dash wires, connectors, headlight plugs, and grommets.  Fuse box and battery cables not included. Fits Super Beetle USA 1302 Model only, left hand drive, with wiper switch on dash.  Will not fit 1303.

NOTE:  Wiring looms are NOT returnable, as they are a special order, and may take a few days to ship.

Complete Wiring Harness, '71 Convertible & Super Beetle
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  • Item #: VW-133-1971
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Price $436.95