Build-A-Beam™ Link Pin Front Puma Style Adjustable Axle Beam

Do you need a complete beam built specifically for your particular vehicle?  Whether you'd like all the components to build it yourself, or you'd like us to build it for you, we have you covered!  

We start with 100% BRAND NEW PUMA™ style adjustable beams imported directly from Brazil.  They are available in stock width, or 2" narrowed to help fit custom wheels inside your fenders.  For safety and handling reasons, we do not build or recommend beams narrower than 2".  The beams we use come with factory style roller bearings to control the trailing arm rotation.

We'll walk you through all the necessary steps and parts you'll need below, and help you to make sure you don't forget a single thing.



ASSEMBLY LABOR:  For a very reasonable price, we can completely assemble your beam with the parts selected above, or we can do just selected items that require special tooling, such as replacing ball joints, pressing wheel bearings, replacing link pins and king pin bushings, etc.


SHIPPING TERMS:  Since each and every beam ordered will have different components, and each will be shipped to a different part of the country, it is impossible to calculate shipping costs.  If components are ordered only, they can generally be shipped via a common ground carrier, such as UPS. If a beam is assembled completely, it will need to be crated and shipped via Motor Freight, which will be more expensive.  Shipping will not be charged at the time of checkout.  When we receive your Build-A-Beam™ order, we will contact you with a shipping estimate before proceeding with the order.  

COST-SAVING TIP: It generally helps significantly to cut down the cost if the shipment arrives at a "commercial" destination (rather than a residence) where there is a forklift available to unload the pallet.

BEAM ORDERING TERMS:  Once an order is placed for a custom beam or beam components, we will begin assembling the components and building your beam, specifically to your specifications.  We may call or email you for clarification, or to help you select what might best suit your needs.  We do our very best to have your assembled "Turn-Key"beam built, crated, and ready to be shipped within a couple weeks.  Naturally, this can vary with the number of orders we have at any given time.  We generally ship beam components only (no labor involved) within a couple days.  It is our goal (and yours) to get your custom beam to you as soon as we possibly can.  Note that once an order is placed, and work begins to gather and assemble your components, we cannot cancel your order.  By placing your order, you acknowledge and agree to this.  

Build-A-Beam™ Link Pin Front Puma Style Adjustable Axle Beam
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