Ball Joint Wide 5 Disc Brake Kit with Drop Spindles

This disc brake is an awesome upgrade to any VW. The stopping power and reliability is unbeatable, and it will drop your front end 2-1/2" so you can get those cool wheels inside your wheelwells. Note that installing this kit will widen the front track approximately 5/16" on each side.  We can help recommend tire sizes and wheel options to go with this kit if you need help knowing what will fit. Just give us a buzz at 714-752-3766. We're happy to help! This kit fits all Type 1 ball joint front ends ('1966 and earlier). By installing drop spindles, rather than an adjustable beam or removing leaves, your car will handle much nicer, having a much softer ride, rather than the super bumpy ride and broken shock mounts of adjusters or removed leaves. Great price. Easy upgrade.  We recommend using a press to install the wheel bearing races into the rotors.  If you don't have access to a press, we can press them in before shipping.  Requires the use of '69 and later tie rod ends.

Ball Joint Wide 5 Disc Brake Kit with Drop Spindles
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