Auto Linea Bubble Top Aluminum Engine Case

Want the ULTIMATE in a new engine case for your performance build?  This is the case to start with.  It comes in many different configurations to meet your needs.  All have the following features:

- All HD aluminum construction for maximum durability
- Stroker clearanced for up to 86mm crankshaft
- Shuffle-pinned with 6 shuffle pins (not just the center two!) for incredible strength
- Dual relief design
- Web behind #3 cylinder is filled in (as cast).  No need for welding
- Large oil pick-up tube for maximum flow
- Full flowed
- 8mm studded for best durability
- Main oil gallery tapped for ease of cleaning
- Available in 3 bore sizes
- Sand sealed optional for off-road applications


Auto Linea Bubble Top Aluminum Engine Case
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  • Item #: 98-04
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Price $949.95