'54 to '77 "Baja Style" Bug Rear Interior Area Carpet Kit

Our "Rear Area" interior carpet kits are a great companion to our front kits.  These cover the rear fenderwells and the space behind the rear seat, and are the same high loop quality.  Complete your interior restoration with matching front and rear interior carpets!

- The "Sedan" kits fit "Standard Bugs

- The "Vert" kits fit convertibles, including Super Beetle Convertibles

- The "Super B" kits fit all Super Beetles, unless they're convertibles

- The "Baja Style" kits are for applications where the back seat has been removed.

We also have inexpensive "Under Hood" carpet kits to match for those who would like to really to finish the job and have the area under the front hood match their interior.


This style carpet kit is available in black loop only.  For other colors and styles, we also have USA made carpet kits available.  Please contact us for details.


'54 to '77 "Baja Style" Bug Rear Interior Area Carpet Kit
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