Never Leak™ Deluxe Full Flow Oil Filter System

Tired of blowing off your oil lines on cold mornings?  Want a full flow oiling kit that really works?  Our Never Leak™ kit has all the pieces to add a full flow filter to your pre-74 VW Bug, Ghia, or Thing.  Buses require a different kit.  The kit tucks the oil filter away inside the driver's side rear fender, where the bracket bolts to the mount that retains the bumper in the chassis.  We provide the high presure hoses, the swivel hose fittings, longer bolts and washers to replace the original bumper bolts, all the nuts, bolts, and washers to fasten the oil filter adapter to the mounting bracket, 15 wire ties to secure the oil hoses to one onother; preventing them from contacting the exhaust system, adapter hose fittings, and even the teflon tape to install the fittings!  

No unnecessary trips to the hardware store.  This kit has it all included.

Our MADE IN USA oil line is the strongest out there and will last for life.  We have personally used this hose for over 20 years, and they are still in good condition on the cars we installed them on way back then.  The hose is rated at 2000 PSI... way overkill.  It is double-braided with meshed wire inside for super strength, resistance to chafing, and to provide years of trouble-free service.  We use this same kit on the Kaddie Shack drag car.

Included in the kit:

- WIX Racing racing oil filter - the strongest and best filtration out there!
- Four feet of Made in USA double steel-braided oil hose
- Four swivel fittings
- Two straight adapter fittings
- Two 45 degree adapter fittings
- OIl flter mounting bracket
- Oil filter adapter
- Six mounting bolts
- Three fender washers
- Six standard washers
- Fifteen wire ties
- One roll teflon tape

You will need a standard 90 degree fitting installed in your engine case, as well as a full flow oiling system (pump cover) in order to install this kit.  If you do not have these items, we can help you.  Just give us a call or email.

If you require a different set-up, we also have all the oil lines, fittings, and adapters needed to custom-build an oil system to your individual needs.  


Never Leak™ Deluxe Full Flow Oil Filter System
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